Books and Music that Make you Stupid

Stupid Music

Thanks to the insanity that is twitter, I stumbled across this article by ulf aslak:

Behold: The answer to many – until now – unanswered questions! There IS a direct proportionality between the books and music you prefer and your level of intelligence! Yes, now we finally know the reason why Lil Wayne and Beyonce was such a great success!

This conclusion was drawn by 25-year-old Caltech graduate student Virgil Griffith. He simply took information about peoples favorite books and bands on Facebook and plotted it against their schools average SAT score, giving Beethoven-listeners a good argument for their preferences in music, being: “Well, I’m just super intelligent…”

Guess we’ll all be listening to some more classical music won’t we?

Check out his study for books here and music here

I was so proud of myself upon discovering this grid because (a) I was listening to Sufjan Stevens when I discovered it, and (b) I have read “100 Years of Solitude”. Of course these lists are total bullshit, but who cares?!

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  1. SubJunk

    Pretty funny, and yeah it makes sense broadly. I would be interested to see more specific results, especially about extreme metal, which I’ve seen correlated to high intelligence in other studies before.

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