Cuil vs Google

Cuil vs Google

I’m sure that most of you have heard about Cuil (pronounced “cool”) by now. But if you haven’t, Cuil is a new search engine that has been developed by Anna Patterson (an ex-Google employee) that boasts three times as many indexed pages as Google. Backed by over 33 million investment dollars, it seems that they are attempting to David the Google Goliath.

Now, I’m all for progress and change; but two things struck me about Cuil that bother me:

1. Cuil? It is an old Irish word for “Knowledge”. I can’t help it, though. Much like most of the Gaelic words I know, it reads similar to another (more vulgar) word I know.

2. Three times as many pages indexed? Granted, they got the most important search right. But is the number of pages indexed really what makes a good search? Or is relevance more important? Do they manage to find a balance between the two? Google results always seem very relevant to me.

What are your thoughts on Cuil?