Garden Update

I’ve received a couple of designs back from friends & colleagues, and everything is looking really great. I’ve set aside some time in the coming days to try to hammer some of this out. I’ve also had a number of people contact me via email about helping out with various things like code commenting (thank goodness).

On another note, feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to stay on top of all things Lussumo. I don’t *always* stay on topic (I might post what some people have called “zen food tweets”), but I don’t spam, and anything new that comes up with the software will be posted there first.

Thanks to everyone for all of their help & advice!

5 Responses to “Garden Update”

  1. Kevin Herrera

    I’m glad to read it.

    You may want to register a Twitter account specifically for Garden’s status updates.

    Also, my helping hand is still extended!

  2. Mark

    Thanks Kevin!

  3. Unreal

    Where I can download Garden?

  4. Mark

    @Unreal – Garden is not yet available for download.

  5. phreak

    Juchuu, can’t wait for things to come…

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