Does the burly woodsman up there (^^^) scare you?

I’ve received mixed messages from many different people about my mugshot. Some have told me that I look handsome. Some say that I look like I’m about to commit mass murder. Some people have used a plethora of curse-words to describe me (I’m not so sure that had anything to do with the mugshot, mind you). Others have simply said that it is “unprofessional”.

I’m the kind of guy that judges a book by it’s contents rather than it’s cover, so I’ve intentionally spent a very small amount of time “designing” this blog (Not to mention the fact that I hate having to work around in other people’s code when I should be working on my own).

So, should I put up a picture of some kittens or puppies and remove my ugly mug? You be the judge.

26 Responses to “Mugshot”

  1. MySchizoBuddy

    its your personal blog, not lussomo blog. nothing unprofessional about it.

  2. Ben

    I’d leave it up there, it scares away people who came looking for kittens.

  3. Chris

    you should totally leave it just the way it is….


  4. JP

    Keep it! I have to admit that I was a little irritated at first, but by now I think it just fits the page. And I rather see you working on Garden than on the look of this page. :)

  5. jon

    well…i’m allergic to cats, so i’d say leave it. maybe put a shirt on though you damn hippie.

  6. Matthew

    Maybe paste a photo of your cat somewhere on there. Then, everybody wins!

  7. Mark

    lol @ everyone

    OK, so, umm. The verdict is that I am an irritating hippie that should put on a shirt?

    I can live with that.

  8. Adrian

    definitely add a shirt. feels odd looking at a topless mans blog ha.

  9. SubJunk

    I like it. My first impression was of openness. Who needs “professionalism” anyway, this is your personal blog! Keep the photos of the ugly mug ;)

  10. Shane

    The no-shirt look is definitely a winner but…


  11. Jeff

    We need a poll of who else has a hippie beard…
    Plus one here.

  12. pbear

    My initial reaction (at start of this blog) was to ask if we could buy you some clothes… :)

  13. Mark

    Dudes, you can’t see it in the picture, but I’m wearing a tube-top. Sheesh.

  14. Michael

    Please leave your photo as it is. This gives your site individuality. Nothing scaring.

  15. SubJunk

    Ah well a tube top is even better, I vote for a new photo that shows the tube top

  16. Jeff

    Was the photo taken just for the blog header, or is there some other back story to the photo?

  17. Mark

    There’s a back story. I’d rather not tell it, though :/

  18. ADM

    I’m not too sure if I’d want to know :P

    Seriously though.. a topless picture of you at the top holding a kitten would be perfect. Though the cat should have a little shirt on or something like that, that would rock.

  19. Evdawg

    Well it could certainly be worse…

  20. WallPhone

    Keep it. It’s minimalistic and unconventional, yet structured, like your software.

    The back story can’t be as bad as this one:

  21. Mark

    lol @ evdawg

    @wallphone – no, it’s definitely not that bad. Just a little embarrassing.

  22. Adam

    I would like to start using Vanilla, and I was wondering if I install the current version now, will I be able to keep all my posts when I upgrade to Vanilla 2 after it is released?

  23. Mark

    @Adam – Feel free to start using Vanilla now. There will be an upgrade option for people using Vanilla 1 that will move all of your users & discussions into the new structure.

  24. Todd

    Can you change it into a four frame animated gif of your head spinning around? You’ve already got three of the frames right there.

    Maybe you could add a cool midi drum beat too.

  25. Matthew

    Back-story requested.

  26. M2tM

    Put a shirt on you damn dirty ape.

    But no, it’s not a big deal. I had a laugh when I first came to the site though, it was unexpected to be sure navigating from lussmo here ;) Nothing wrong with it though, just a bit more personal than I bargained for. Keep it, your blog should be personal.

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