Survey Says?

Pat Sajak

In an effort to better understand the every day Vanilla user & administrator, I’ve put a short survey together and linked it from the Vanilla download and the Addon download pages. If you are a Vanilla user, were a Vanilla user, or will be a Vanilla user, please take a few minutes to help us out with this survey so we can make Vanilla better for everyone: Survey!


5 Responses to “Survey Says?”

  1. mumpitz

    participated :D
    But please don’t need another year!

  2. Mark

    @mumpitz – hahaha. Just making sure that my direction and the direction the community desires are the same, and adjusting if necessary :)

  3. jonezy

    is that survey says business from family feud? I think it is!

  4. VixenVineyard

    Okay, did the survey :)

  5. suliaman

    did the survey, i am new to vanilla thank you.

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