The Road

Vanilla 2

It is long overdue that I post an update to the Garden & Vanilla 2 development. First: if you find that I’ve not been posting on my blog, you can take it as a good sign meaning that I’m busy doing other things.

Myself and a great friend of mine (Todd Burry) have been working full-time on the project for the last four weeks.

Next week we will be moving our current issue tracker over to GitHub and simultaneously releasing the Garden and Vanilla 2 code there. The code is still under heavy development and is absolutely not ready for production use. However, it does work and we need your help getting it finished.

Although Vanilla 1 is an open source project, I have always been the bottleneck that keeps it from really taking off. I refuse to let this happen with Garden and Vanilla 2. So, we will be doing our best to allow everyone in the 10,000-strong Lussumo community to help us out this time around, and the release of the code on GitHub is just the first of many steps in this direction.

Following the GitHub move, I will be contacting the authors of the most popular plugins for Vanilla 1 and helping them to get their plugins ported to Vanilla 2 so they can be fully functional and compatible for the Vanilla 2 release. If, for some reason, the authors are uninterested in porting their plugins to Vanilla 2, I will be making announcements here to find anyone out there who is interested in picking up where the previous authors left off, so keep your eyes peeled. If you have a new plugin idea that you want implemented for Vanilla 2 and you want a hand with getting Garden, Vanilla 2, and understanding how things are done: feel free to contact me here on this blog, via twitter @navvywavvy, or directly via email at mark [at] lussumodotcom.

The future starts here!

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  1. suliaman

    mark i am working on a new extension, its called import contacts, where users import contacts from thier mail servers like hotmail, gmail and yahoo. for people that might want to promte thier forums, instead of inviting thier friends indvdually, i have the code in php, and was wondering shall i implent it for vanilla 1 or wait for vanilla 2, its upt to you. thankz

  2. Mark

    Hi Suliaman – Personally I’d want to write it for Vanilla 2, but that being said, Vanilla 1 will still be used by a lot of people for the forseeable future. It may be worth your while to write it for both Vanilla 1 and 2.

    I’m not sure yet how I’m going to help everyone with their individual needs where Vanilla 2 development is concerned. I think the best place to start is with the documentation, so that’s my focus right now. I’m hoping that I’ll have a first draft of the docs done by next week when we release the source. I’ll blog about it here, though, so keep on coming back!

  3. shane doucette

    commencing daily reloads of in 3… 2… 1…

  4. mumpitz

    Looking forward for next week… feels like christmas ;)

  5. Greg

    I met a tasty baby in Michigan
    We screwed two times then I left
    Sometimes I think of my baby in Michigan
    Why can’t I stay in one place
    For more than two days

    Because I’m talkin’ about the road

  6. Mark

    lol @ Greg

  7. S

    Mark, please answer –

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