Vanilla 1.1.5 Released

I am pleased to announce the release of Vanilla 1.1.5. This release was entirely the result of the Lussumo Community’s participation. Particular kudos go out to Wallphone, (who contributed over 50% of the fixes and enhancements), and Dinoboff (who keeps me in the loop!). A list of all contributors can be found here.

Vanilla 1.1.5 can be downloaded from now.

A full list of all fixes and features can be seen in the release notes.

Upgrading instructions can be found here.

An ongoing discussion of this release can be found on the community forum.

Personal Note
I have never before been so disconnected from the goings on in my software. Every other release previous to Vanilla 1.1.5 has had my fingerprint on almost every aspect of it. This one, however, doesn’t have any part of me in it. I may have offered advice to the contributors when asked, but I don’t think I personally wrote even a single line of code for it. It is both bitter and sweet that it has come together so well without me. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to all of the contributors.