Read Write Web Interview

I was recently interviewed by Jolie O’Dell from Read Write Web. Check it out!

Source: Video Interview with Founder of Vanilla, “A WordPress for Forums”

Jolie did an awesome job of editing so that I didn’t look like an idiot. For example, I am 6′4″ tall, and I accidentally kicked the camera during the interview. She ninja’d that right out of there.

Regarding “A WordPress for Forums”: I’ve heard a lot of people saying that since I got down here to Boulder & TechStars. I think people see the correlation because WordPress and Vanilla are both open source projects, they both focus on delivering something elegant and easy to use, and Vanilla is now trying to do what WordPress has done by turning it into a real business through these various revenue streams. I met Matt Mullenweg this past Monday and joked with him that I had purchased!

The bottom line is that WordPress is amazing, and I find the comparison very flattering.

Thanks to Jolie for the interview!

5 Responses to “Read Write Web Interview”

  1. John (Human3rror)

    freaking spectacular. thanks again!

  2. Evdawg

    Nice shoutout to yayhooray ;)

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  4. Minisweeper

    At the risk of speaking slightly out of turn…..that lady is hot!

    (the interview is pretty good too)

  5. Adrian

    Wow, I almost want to build forum software to get to talk to her…

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