Things you need to know before downloading it from :

1. Garden & Vanilla 2 are currently beta products that contain bugs and incomplete features.
2. Garden & Vanilla 2 should not currently be placed on production servers.
3. There is a first draft of documentation available at
4. You can not currently upgrade your Vanilla 1 database to Vanilla 2 with the code at GitHub (you’ll be able to soon).
5. If you start to use this code, be prepared to erase your Garden/Vanilla database a few times before the codebase is final. Data WILL be lost.

Many have asked will Vanilla be compatible with open-source casino software, but no. Our software purpose is mostly for responding and data services. So, if you wish to play slots games, do not have an expectation from Vanilla, instead, go to platform and knock yourself out with free playing.

About GitHub

We are absolute newbies to GitHub. We’ve heard fantastical and amazing things about it, and we can’t wait to start working with all of you on patches, fixes, merges, branches, and all that awesome stuff. Please be patient with us as we learn the subtle nuances of GitHub.

Contributor’s Agreements

We’ve been speaking with a number of lawyers and leaders in the open source world since we got to TechStars. These people have helped us to decide upon releasing the code under the GPLv2, just like Vanilla 1 was. They’ve also recommended that we have contributors sign a contributor agreement before we take any code from anyone. So, if you find a bug and want to fix it, you will have to agree to our contributor agreement first. We will be using the industry standard Sun contributor’s agreement. You can review our contributor’s agreement here. Please note that you must have an account at the Lussumo community forum in order to contribute.

Issue Tracking

If you download the code and encounter errors, please use the issue tracker at GitHub. We will be retiring the old one and moving our existing issues over to GitHub this week.

What Next?

Sleep. Glorious Sleep.

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