In recent weeks I’ve been working closely with Jon Contino of Onetwentysix to overhaul the branding of Lussumo products. Recently we settled on the new logos for Vanilla, Conversations, and Garden. Thanks Jon!

Vanilla, Conversations, Garden

Jon posted a walk-through of how all of these logos came to life. Check it out!

9 Responses to “Rebranding”

  1. rich

    very nice. i’m diggin’ them.

  2. Michael Pierce

    the only one that doesn’t work is Garden, looks to much like Olive Garden

  3. Adrian

    They look awesome. Really warm and inviting :)

  4. Jon Contino

    Hey guys, glad you like the logos. I just saw this post and thought you might appreciate seeing the development of these logos.


  5. mumpitz

    Very nice :D

    Can I assume that the design (like style sheets) of vanilla2 will change till the release?

  6. roman

    wow – love em! Nice colors & style :) Great work Jon!
    I’m really glad you settled on something completely different than the common shiny-icon-stuff – makes me even more looking forward to try out garden.

  7. Mark

    @mumpitz – yes, very likely. Lots of bugs to fix, for one thing…

  8. Bram

    Yep, these will do just fine! They have this professionally styled look even though they are in a playful handwriting. Only the “garden” one could have had something more iconic, but still I feel they are great :)

    I don’t really like your new weblog theme however. It feels it hasn’t got personality for something somewhat personal.

    But most of all I’m really looking forward to a somewhat more open phase of releasing the software so I can start browsing through your code. Patience is hard.

  9. MrBrownThumb

    Really like the Vanilla and Conversations logo. Being a blogger who blogs about gardening the name caught my attention so I came here to see what was new with Vanilla and what Garden was. While it is nice, I think it needs something to separate it from all the other uses of “garden” around the net. For example; there is a popular garden blogger in Canada named Gayla Trail. She has a book, a line of buttons and various accessories and she uses a font almost identical to the one chosen for Garden. Like Bram touches on above you may need something that can be separated from other uses of the word with similar fonts.

    To see what I mean about the similarities look at the link below and check out the packaging for the buttons.

    Feel free to edit the link or this post if it becomes after after I hit submit. Don’t want you to think I’m spamming your blog.


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